I write about gardening, growing food and cooking, for the Telegraph, the Guardian, Gardens Illustrated, The Garden and Simple Things magazine.

My first cookbook is on its way! It is called ‘Petal, Leaf, Seed: cooking with the hidden flavours of the garden’ and is out on April 28th 2016. It is about the tastes that I use from around my garden, and is meant as a different way of growing your own, searching for flavour rather than bulk.

And so it covers: how to infuse an ice cream with the delicate almond scent that arises when you steep a nectarine leaf in warm milk; how to crush fennel seeds into an aniseed-tinged sugar; the best rose varieties for flavour and how to use them; letting your radishes and coriander go to seed and then eating the seeds while they are green, fresh and crunchy. All these things and much more will be shortly revealed.

Have a peek and a pre-order HERE

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