Allotment history film – Back to 1917


The second in my films made with Simon Bisset of Biscuit Productions about my project tracing the history of my allotment. If you missed episode 1 you can find it here, plus a little info about the project.

4 Responses to Allotment history film – Back to 1917

  • Caro says:

    I love that you’re researching into the history of your plot and getting to know it better. I’ve done the same with the plot I garden between the flats here in N London, I found the social history that it ties into completely fascinating. I also love a good snoop in the archives – the moment when you discover something of relevance is so rewarding. When doing picture research for a book based in Bermondsey, where my gran’s family lived, I went way beyond my remit because it brought my family’s history alive. Utterly absorbing and brilliant. Looking forward to further revelations about your plot!

    • lialeendertz says:

      Thanks Caro, yes absorbing is the word. It’s been an amazing process so far and I need to get back to digging around to find out more about the people I’ve come across. Your research sounds fascinating.

  • Amy says:

    Wonderful…keep going, so we can all learn the history of your allotment

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